Wearing English

English letters are popular on clothes.  I say English letters (although they could be French or Spanish I suppose) because they often don’t add up to words as such, especially at the end of phrases, and it is even rarer that they add up to any understandable sense.

photo (69)

Many seem almost legit, until you notice an odd misspelling or a strange phrasing




Sometimes they use a well-known phrase, but entirely out of context. I nearly bought a sweatshirt dress emblazened with “When Harry Met Sally,” and this sweater similarly puts a TV show into a very odd context.DSC01893

Some are simply puzzling


Some even poetic (the comma is what really makes me love this one)


This last example, worn by the schoolbus ayi (literally “bus auntie,” the bus aide who makes sure everyone gets on safely and wears a seatbelt), is not in English, but its combination of message and imagery makes it near the top of its class.

photo (98)


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