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Saying goodbye

One of the many pleasures of this last year has been having a good lunch with colleagues in between mornings and afternoons of research and writing.  Today was the last lunch with most of my colleagues there; people have been leaving slowly and there will be an exodus this weekend, so one friend told everyone to come today, her last day, and say goodbye.

Last week, I started packing in earnest by packing away my Lendrum spinning wheel and most of my fiber and yarn.  Those of you who know me know that this is a big deal.  B (kiddo) was very sad because it won’t feel like home without the wheel (and my slick little espinner is not quite the same, he says (I think perhaps it’s because he likes to treadle))

Monday, I picked up our visas and said goodbye to New York.  We are saying goodbye to most of our books and many toys and clothes,  our bicycles, and our car after we drive across the country.  B wants to save everything for collections, even worn-out too-small clothes; saying goodbye is hard.

The very hardest goodbye will be next week, as we pack the collections away in storage and pack the car for our road trip: saying goodbye to our sweet Inky.  He has been a companion and a member of our family for many years, and there have been tears and sleepless nights about saying goodbye to him.  He will be moving in with a very loving couple who he approves of heartily and moving back to his natal state (California).  We will miss him dearly.


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It’s really real

Just this last week, this move got really real.

First, all the paperwork we need to get our visa arrived from China

We also sat down with the calendar to figure out when to put our last stuff in storage, when to leave here, and when to fly to China.  Somehow for me, the calendar is what began to make it really really real.  For our trip across the country, we stuck the pins into the map for real this time, and coordinated with the calendar again to get a good idea of when we will be where and what and whom we want to and can see.

We ordered cheap camping gear for the trip across the country, bought  a giant suitcase to help us figure out how much stuff we can take with us when we move

and bought three non-refundable one-way tickets to Shanghai.


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